Biblically Based CFP® Course Books

Curriculum Update: Keir has been bought by Dalton; therefore, the books below will be dissolved by December 2018.

Keir Educational Resources has joined with the Ron Blue Institute to provide textbooks with faith-based supplements that will prepare students for the CFP® Certification Examination. Along with the traditional study text, students will read biblical principles and applications to help them integrate a biblical world view into financial planning topics. Students are also encouraged to reflect upon best practices for incorporating their faith into their planning practice. It is expected that this reflective process will help advisors to find contentment and confidence in their client counseling and lead them to discover wisdom for all of life’s financial decisions.

Students who select the biblically based texts will receive a one year membership to Kingdom Advisors, a community of financial professionals integrating faith and practice. For more information regarding Kingdom Advisors, go to

* The biblical scripture and reflections will not be tested in the CFP® Certification exam. These are presented to give the student a faith-based orientation to financial planning.

Financial Plan Development Textbook

Estate Planning Textbook

Introduction to Financial Planning


General Financial Planning Principles Textbook

Retirement Planning


Income Tax Planning


Risk Management and Insurance Textbook

Investment Planning


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