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The video below gives an overview of the core content taught in the Biblical Personal Finance Curriculum.


Rooted in a biblical worldview, the Biblical Personal Finance Curriculum is a principle-driven personal finance course teaching:


  • The implications of believing God owns it all

  • The roles, responsibilities, and rewards of financial stewardship as defined by scripture

  • Five transcendent financial decision making principles found in the Bible

  • How money is intertwined with biblical teachings on contentment, generosity, self-control, provision, gratitude, freedom, etc.

  • A simple understanding of the four uses of money (live, give, owe, grow) and the biblical principles that inform each use

  • Processes for personal application, including goal setting, decision making, and basic budgeting


The Biblical Personal Finance Curriculum is a six module course, designed to take six to eight weeks to teach. It is aimed at the junior or senior level. Teachers will have access to an online portal that provides lesson plans, project outlines, test and quiz questions, an editable workbook, PowerPoint decks, and parent engagement suggestions. 

The course was developed over a three year period (2015 - 2017) in collaboration with current high school teachers and in partnership with several Beta schools. 


The Ron Blue Institute is pleased to present the curriculum to the Christian school market in the 2018-2019 school year. 

Training Information:

For schools interested in beginning the course in the 2018- 2019 school year, online training is available. 

  • Length: There are nine videos comprising roughly eight and a half hours of training. 

  • Cost: $150 per instructor (covers cost of three reference books, Faith Based Family Finances, Never Enough? Three Keys to Financial Contentment, and Master Your Money, all by Ron Blue)

Would you like more information?

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