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The Ron Blue Institute is passionate about providing quality educational content for high school students in every learning environment. That is why we have developed the two homeschool programs for you! These courses include Personal Finances: Simplifying the Money Conversation and Life Calling.

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Simplifying the Money Conversation

Do you want your child to leave home with a proven system for making wise financial choices? Does it seem difficult to convey the financial implications of major life decisions in a helpful way? We understand!

Derived from Ron Blue’s five decades of offering biblical financial advice, the Simplifying the Money Conversation course equips high school students with an understanding of a powerful paradigm for money management: the HEART, HEALTH, HABITS, and HOPE model. This course helps students to grasp the Bible's teaching about money at both the “why” and the “how” levels, offering age-appropriate insight along the way.

This 10-hour, online course includes four modules that provide a framework from which to understand personal finance. Simplifying the Money Conversation engages students through teaching videos, enlightening text, brief assessments, and real-life stories.  

The course offers a unique, biblical approach to financial decision-making, including:

  • Four key heart postures toward money: stewardship, contentment, faith, and wisdom

  • Five uses of money and what scripture teaches about each one

  • Five biblical principles that are the key to maintaining long-term financial health

  • A process for faith goal setting and budgeting


  • Gradebook and separate access for grader

  • Three months access to content

Life Calling

Many students go through high school without having ever thought deeply about their unique design and how that should translate into their God-given calling for their career and life.

Life Calling is an inspiring, semester long course designed to help students identify their purpose, become equipped to make life decisions, and lead change in the world.

Life Calling introduces students to a framework for understanding their lives through the concept of purpose and calling. It enables them to develop tools that will help them make decisions in life consistent with this life calling and purpose, and to “live a life worthy of [their] calling” (Eph. 4:1, NLT).

This online, self-directed version of Life Calling meets many state’s requirement for a career development elective. Students will be introduced to dynamic video presentations, thought-provoking text, engaging activities, chapter assessments, and instructions on creating a personal Life Calling Portfolio.


  • Gradebook and separate access for grader

  • Six months access to content

  • Opportunity to meet high school graduation requirements

Cost: $195 – Introductory $50 discount available for a limited time!