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Dan Bragg, Head of School

Xenia Christian School, Xenia, OH

"It is a great curriculum that has a way of getting inside the heart of a student and really making them think deeply about the past and how that might apply to future decisions. I think of the Scripture that says ‘examine yourself’, and I think this class forces our kids to examine themselves in some important ways so they can know exactly what God wants them to do in the future."

Buddy Winn, Teacher

Maranatha Chrisitan School, Minneapolis, MN

"Watching students learn to value their self-worth based on their individual uniqueness as well as the individuality and diversity of others was very rewarding."

Scott Harsh, Vice President

Greater Atlanta Christian School, Atlanta, GA

"Our students who have taken Introduction to Life Calling are more confident in their identity, more aware of their purpose, and better equipped to make decisions about their future. For GAC, this is not an “add on” program. Life calling is so much bigger than a stand-alone course."

John Sizelove, Bible Dept. Chair

Valley Christian School, San Jose, CA

"The thing that I have noticed is that students leave the course with a greater assurance that there is a purpose for their life."

Carl Martinez, Head of School

Whittier Christian High School, La Habra, CA

"I would strongly encourage Christian schools to implement Life Calling into their curriculum because I know first-hand through student, parent, and teacher feedback that this course is highly effective in having an extremely important conversation with students and God’s call on their lives."


"The concepts from the class were very applicable to life in general, and have helped me in my first year of college specifically as I figured out what career path I wanted to take."

"Even though I already knew what I wanted to major in, the class assured me that I was on the right path. I learned ways to explain why I have the passions that I have."

"I think God used this class to start taking me down a road that would lead me to where I am now."

"The course allowed me to find my true faith in what I believe, and brought me closer to my relationship with Christ. This course really got me thinking of my life and all areas that needed to be searched inside of me."

"As a parent, we want what’s best for our children. Ultimately, the best is for each of us to become who God created us to be and fulfill our life purpose. The Life Calling course did just that."