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Have you ever worried that doubling down on your debt repayment is robbing your family of memories and fun? Or had a major appliance fail, right after splurging on an expensive purchase or vacation? The tension between giving to church or charity and paying for your kids’ tuition or sports equipment is real.
Money and life are inextricably linked. They don’t run on independent tracks but rather continually exist together, both of them somehow needing to be handled with steady applications of wisdom and biblical integrity, even when they seem in direct competition.
Veteran financial counselor and trusted author Ron Blue helps you navigate the seeming incompatibilities of money management. His liberating analysis breaks down all your financial options to a basic four, then shows you how biblical financial wisdom simplifies each of them so that you can make confident decisions - free from regret - in fact, with all your plans, dreams and principles still intact.

His Word applies to every part of your life, including money.

- Ron Blue, Never Enough?

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