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Simplifying the Money Conversation

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Financial Hope

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Never Enough?

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Biblical Financial Planning Textbook

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Master Your Money

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Biblical Financial Planning Modules

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Short Personal Finance Course

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Faith and Finances Curriculum

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Homeschool Life Calling Course

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Financial Discipleship Catechism

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Mastering Personal Finances

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Generous Living

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Surviving Financial Meltdown

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Wealth to Last

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Faith-Based Family Finances

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Money Talks and So Can We

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Splitting Heirs

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Help! I'm Drowing In Debt

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Your Money After the Big 5-0

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Taming the Money Monster

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Your Kids Can Master Their Money

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Faith-Based Family Finances Endorsements


“Few people understand God’s ways of handling money better than Ron Blue in his book Faith-Based Family Finances. If you want to get out of debt and help fund the great commission, read this book and do what it says.”

-Dave Ramsey New York Times best–selling author a


“Worldview matters. Ron Blue and Jeremy White give us a wonderful antidote to the era of conspicuous consumption in which we live. This is a very valuable resource if you’re interested in a solidly biblical view of financial planning.”

-Chuck Colson Founder, Prison Fellowship


“Ron Blue has been making sense out of cents for a long time. This new volume is a much-needed contribution to his library of work. You can count on him for sound, solid financial advice. I’m hoping that every family heeds the good counsel of this good man and this great volume.”

-Max Lucado Best-selling author and minister


“If you are looking for life-changing financial solutions that really work, search no more! Ron Blue and Jeremy White’s masterful application of God’s timeless financial truths makes this book a must-have resource for everyone!"

-Janice A. Thompson, CFP® President, Strategic Financial Solutions, Inc.


"Ron Blue understands people, families, and money. If you are looking for practical, biblical financial help, then you’ve found it. This is a comprehensive book about your family finances.”

-Dr. Dennis Rainey President, FamilyLife


“In this day of overwhelming expectations, demanding schedules, family pressures, and an unpredictable economy, I want reliable and comprehensive resources at hand that I know I can trust. I’ve just added Faith-Based Family Finances to my “essentials” list for this critically important arena of life.”

-Bob Reccord Founder and CEO, Total Life Impact Ministries


“Barb and I believe that Ron Blue and Jeremy White have penned the gold standard resources of biblical and financial principles for the body of Christ. God has drilled down into Ron’s heart for over 30 years the insights, practices, and biblical truths you are holding in this book. Read it. Practice it. Pass it on. And let God be glorified.”

-Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg Cofounders, America’s Family Coaches and the Great Marriage Experience


“Ron offers families a blueprint that, if followed, will lead to financial freedom and contentment. Full of biblical counsel and practical tools, Faith-Based Family Finances is a resource your family will turn to again and again.”

-Andy Stanley Founding and senior pastor, North Point Ministries


Master Your Money Endorsements


“Here is a master piece of biblical and practical wisdom related to one of the thorniest areas of Christian experience. We owe Ron Blue an incalculable debt of gratitude.”

-Dr. Howard Hendricks Distinguished Professor, Chairman, Center for Christian Leadership


“This book can be the first step toward financial freedom and prosperity for those who read and practice the principles Ron has so clearly explained and illustrated.”

-Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor First Baptist Church, Atlanta


“Master Your Money hits an area that is so fundamental in each of our lives that it should be a must read for any committed Christian. The book clearly focuses on the importance of our stewardship and the freedom that comes when we open our fists and release our assets to God.”

-William S. Kanaga Former Chairman, Advisory Board Arthur Young, Inc.


“Ron Blue is one of the most foremost financial planners in the country today. Unlike most financial planning books, Master Your Money successfully presents an easily understood plan of action. I heartily recommend it to all who are seeking to manage their assets for God’s work." 

-Larry Burkett, Author and Founder Christian Financial Concepts


“Ron Blue is not only a very dedicated and successful CPA and financial planner but also a man with a large (and active) burden to help change the world for the glory of God. I strongly encourage every pastor and concerned layman to read Ron’s excellent book, Master Your Money.”

-Bill Bright, President Campus for Crusade for Christ


“Ron Blue has done an outstanding job of helping us to see our finances from God’s perspective. This book should be read by every Christian who handles money- whatever the amount. Read Master Your Money and become really 'rich.'"

-Paul H. Johnson, Real Estate Developer


“Ron Blue has finally made public his revolutionary insights. Brimming with common and uncommon sense, Master Your Money reveals practical principles regarding our “treasures,” which we can use today and enjoy forever.”

-Bruce H. Wilkinson, President Walk Thru the Bible Ministries


“Many folks and organizations are what they are today because of the counsel provided by Ron Blue and his organization. Now his book will help sincere Christians better understand their responsibilities as stewards of what God has entrusted to them.”

-Ted DeMoss, President Christian Businessmen’s Committee


“I’ve never met anybody who communicates God’s financial principles more clearly and in such a practical way. Master Your Money is a classic that every Christian should read and regularly reference. This book will be enormously helpful to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.”

-Howard Dayton CEO, Crown Financial Ministries


“Ron Blue does it again! He dissects the latest financial trends and offers individuals sound advice for mastering money the Master’s way. This is a book all Christians should read and keep as a handy reference for themselves, their family and their friends in these financially turbulent times. It’s advice you don’t want to miss!”

-Bob Reccord President, North American Mission Board


“Ron Blue has had a big impact on me over the last thirty years with his ”always very practical and sound” financial principles. His investment principles are particularly helpful at this time.”

-Hugh O Maclellan, Jr. President, The Maclellan Foundation


“Fifteen years ago, Master Your Money, profoundly impacted the way I viewed money and financial planning. Fifteen years later, the principles that Ron so eloquently lays out continue to form the basis for my personal money management. This is a timeless resource.”

-Andy Stanley Senior Pastor, North Point Community Church


“Ron Blue has inked the gold standard for financial wisdom. Like advice from an old friend who loves us, Ron coaches us with biblically-grounded “why didn’t I think of that” insights. Not only does Ron’s book give us the view from 30,000 feet, he pilots us along at treetop level with useful worksheets and practical “how to” tips. Master Your Money presents “you can take it to the bank” answers for every conceivable money-related question you can think of. Must reading for the financially challenged.”

-Patrick Morley Author and CEO, Man in the Mirror


“I knew Ron Blue to be a man who loves Jesus and desires to serve people. Ron is wise, and he has a heart for what stirs God’s heart. Readers will find much to learn and benefit from in the New Master Your Money.”

-Randy Alcorn Author of Heaven and Dominion


Surviving Financial Meltdown Endorsements


“An economic crisis can prompt healthy soul-searching and reevaluation. This book is a practical how-to guide for getting our finances in order.”

-Max Lucado Minister and best-selling author


“This book is right on time with practical, commonsense economic advice to help us successfully weather our financial storms from a solid biblical perspective.”

-Dr. Tony Evans Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship President, The Urban Alternative


“We know God is at work in this economic storm. Like other families, we must decide whether to throw our arms up in panic or trust Him and adjust to the changes around us. Surviving Financial Meltdown offers a road map to navigate the road we are on. Be teachable, gather the information, steady the course, and let Ron and Jeremy speak wisdom into your mind and heart as you continue to steward that which God has entrusted to you.”

-Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg Cofounders,


“How timely! Here’s solid biblical advice on how to personally manage the ‘uncertainty of riches’ in a world that has gone into the dumper economically.”

-Joe Stowell President, Cornerstone University Grand Rapids, Michigan


“To be financially free is to know of God’s provision . . .even in times of great economic uncertainty. Thank you, Ron and Jeremy, for helping us refocus on the practical, time-tested principles and truths of God’s Word!”

-Jerry Black President, Legacy Planning Group, Inc.


“Ron Blue is a go-to guy in so many ways . . . as a leader, a counselor, a man of integrity, a friend, and a writer. That’s why during these crazy and unpredictable financial times, he’s once again my go-to guy for the principles my family and I need to survive!”

-Robert E. (Bob) Reccord President, Total Life Impact Ministries Speaker, author, consultant


“Ron Blue and Jeremy White have done it again! Surviving tough economic challenges is nothing new, so the practical application of the biblical wisdom presented in this book is both timely and timeless. Prepare now- not just to survive, but to thrive.”

-Janice A. Thompson, CFP® President, Strategic Financial Solutions, Inc.


Generous Living Endorsements


“An outstanding book, greatly needed . . .. thoroughly biblical and wonderfully practical.”

-Howard Dayton President, Crown Ministries


“Every ministry leader in America needs a case of these in his or her car.”

-Brian Kluth, President, Christian Stewardship Association


“Ron’s book captures the heart of why we would want to give to the Lord’s work.”

-Hugh O. Maclellan Jr. The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.


“The boomers have lived long enough to learn that money isn’t everything. They’ve caught on that children and lifestyle choices can be very expensive. How to decide what to do in this squeeze play is the genius of Ron Blue’s Generous Living. The miracle of getting by giving is the amazing secret to the biblical stewardship of money. This book puts money under the microscope and reveals its hidden potential.”

-Howard G. Hendricks, Distinguished Professor Chairman, Center for Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary


“Jesus said, ‘It’s better to give than to receive.’ Few people, including Christians, take advantage of this truth. Ron Blue reminds us of the values derived by cheerful giving.”

-Truett Cathy, Founder and Chairman, Chick-fil-A, Inc.


“My good friend Ron Blue provides Christians with a clear, simple, and concise way to view their financial stewardship from a biblical perspective and how to honor God.”
-Dr. Tony Evans


“Since giving brings blessings to both giver and receiver, we all need to do more of it. But we need to do it with godly wisdom. Ron Blue, in his excellent book Generous Living, tells us how- with style and examples that make an otherwise dry subject both interesting and exciting.”

-Dr. Bill Bright, Founder and President, Campus Crusade for Christ International


“Ron Blue, a trusted friend, has written a tremendous new book Generous Living, on the joys and blessing of giving out of the abundant resources God entrusts to us. Every Christian couple in America needs to read Generous Living. After reading this book, you will appreciate more than ever why Jesus told us, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

-Phil Downer, President CBMC of USA


Money Talks and So Can We Endorsements


“God put husbands and wives together to challenge, encourage, and complete one another. Ron and Judy Blue give couples the principles and tools they need to take full advantage of this divine arrangement –and strengthen their financial position in the process.”

-Howard Dayton Founder and President of Crown Ministries, Inc.


“We love this book! Ron and Judy show you how to talk about money without losing your mind- or your marriage. They give you tools to dialogue and dig yourselves out of debt. They walk you step-by-step through setting up a budget and investing for your future. But most of all, they show you how to manage your money as a team. Every couple should read this.”

-Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott Authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts


Your Money After the Big 5-0 Endorsements


“Larry Burkett and Ron Blue’s teaching on biblical finance has changed millions of lives and family trees, because when God’s truth intersects your life, it will rock your world. It works.”

-Dave Ramsey, Best-Selling Author and Radio Host


Splitting Heirs Endorsements


“Ron Blue once told me that God has called him to help Christians plan and manage their finances ‘to help fund the fulfillment of the Great Commission.’ What objective could possibly be more important than that? His approach to money management is both profoundly spiritual and refreshingly practical. I am honored to have benefitted from the insight and expertise of such a good friend.”

-James Dobson Founder and Chairman of the Board, Focus on the Family


“Margaret and I have both had the privilege of going through the thinking process contained in this book relative to wealth transfer and its impact on heirs. We have benefited greatly from this counsel and it has been my pleasure to call Ron Blue, not only an advisor, but also a friend.”

-John C. Maxwell Founder, The INJOY Group


“Splitting Heirs is interesting and full of facts. More important it is a book filled with wisdom and understanding. Must reading for thoughtful parents and grandparents.”

-Bill Armstrong Colorado businessman, U.S. Senator 1979-1991


“Thanks to Ron Blue and Jeremy White, a deepened perspective on how we handle our “treasure” is provided. So affluent a culture as ours easily dulls our discernment, making us- and especially our children- prey to the world- spirit of entitlement and selfishness. In Splitting Heirs our senses are sharpened; showing us how to plan our will according to the ultimate Will- the Word of God; calling us to wiser stewardship, judicious parenting and a God-honoring way to handle what we can’t take with us.”

-Jack W. Hayford Pastor, The Church on the Way


“No one knows more about Christian stewardship than my friend, Ron Blue. In this book, he makes a great case for Christians to think Christianly about end-of-life financial issues. Being heavenly minded isn’t enough- everyone has an obligation for responsible stewardship of estate planning.”

-Charles W. Colson Founder, Prison Fellowship


“Inheritance is risky business, often damaging lives, marriages and children. Few of us bring an eternal perspective to leaving money behind or to handling unearned wealth. But God has entrusted us with His assets and we need to consider how best to invest them in eternity. Ron Blue sets our sights high, offering biblical and practical insights on a vital subject. Ron has written some fine books, but none more important or timely than this one.”

-Randy Alcorn Author of Money, Possessions and Eternity and The Treasure Principle


“One of the most frequently asked questions at donor meetings is how much do I give to my children and grandchildren? For years Ron Blue has helped donors understand what to do and not do in passing wealth on to the next generation while being a good steward with furthering Christ’s Kingdom.”

-Hugh O. Maclellan, Jr. President, Maclellan Foundation


“As parents and grandparents, Martie and I have wrestled with the questions addressed in Splitting Heirs. How can we best plan for the material resources God has blessed us with in this life? Ron Blue uses the template of God’s Word to filter his experience as a financial manager and brings insights to this crucial issue for Christians who want to finish well!”

-Joseph M. Stowell President, Moody Bible Institute


“Thousands of people today manage their money more wisely because of the influence of Ron Blue. I know of no one more qualified to counsel people on biblically based principles relative to the sensitive issues of transferring wealth to children.”

-Steve Douglass President, Campus Crusade for Christ


“Splitting Heirs is a superb book for anyone needing guidance in wise estate planning- and that includes all of us. Drawing on his years of experience, Ron Blue has authored a book that is practical, wonderfully written, and packed with wisdom. I heartily recommend it.”

-Howard Dayton CEO, Crown Financial Ministries


“Time would be well spent to read the ‘words of wisdom’ in Ron Blue’s book Splitting Heirs.”

-S. Truett Cathy CEO and Founder, Chick-fil-A, Inc.


“This is the first book you’ll read that will really prove itself effective when you’re gone. But given the choice of ‘hoping’ that all goes well with your children after you die and ‘knowing,’ I strongly recommend that you choose ‘knowing’ rather than just ‘hoping.’ This is one of the most important books you’ll ever read.”

-Robert Wolgemuth Bestselling author of She Calls Me Daddy


“Splitting Heirs provides readers the opportunity to take advantage of Ron Blue’s wealth of experience in financial management. He brings the light of God’s Word to bear on an issue that is both practical and crucial for Christians who view the stewardship of resources as a divine trust.”

-Andy Stanley Pastor, North Point Community Church